We act responsibly.
In our view, our most important job is to shape our future through technological advancement that is in harmony with the environment. For this reason, we are committed to acting responsibly in a way that does not endanger the health and safety of our team or the environment.

We act in accordance with the law.
We consider compliance with applicable environmental and workplace health and safety regulations as the bare minimum – the underlying basis for much more extensive action that must be taken.

We conserve resources and energy.
We guarantee sustainable use of resources and the most efficient possible use of energy. To this end, when developing new products and production processes, we take all applicable environmental and workplace health and safety guidelines into consideration. We also continuously evaluate and improve our existing products and processes in consideration of these guidelines.

We take preventive action.

We see it as our duty to take preventive action and proactively implement the organizational measures necessary to promote workplace health and safety. Preventive action encompasses everything that allows employees to work in a safe and healthy environment. A safe workplace can be ensured through proper care of machinery and safe handling of hazardous substances. Our preventive measures also include providing personnel with personal protective equipment and the implementation of proper training programs.

Happy and healthy employees make for a successful and healthy company. Every industrial accident and work-related illness causes not only personal harm, but also saddles the company with expensive hours lost and disruption of business operations.

Our commitment to workplace health and safety, environmental protection and energy efficiency also extends to our suppliers and service providers.

We communicate transparently.
Open and transparent communication forms the basis for trust in our responsible actions. We are in constant and transparent dialogue with our employees, customers and the public at large.

We have modeled our daily business operations on these values and guidelines for over 50 years. You can discover more about our story here.