Package individual blow-fill-seal (BFS)
ampoules and BFS strips quickly and easily –
with a wide array of possibilities.



Area of application and products

  • BFS strips
  • Individual BFS ampoules
  • Cartoning machine
  • Stand-alone or in a packaging line with a BFS filling mechanism


  • Sorting and separating
  • Labeling
  • Pick and place
  • Offset stacking of BFS strips
  • Inclusion of instructions for use
  • Quality control of pharmaceutical code
  • Print and OCR check



We offer extensive solutions for the packaging of blow-fill-seal (BFS) ampoules, both for individual BFS ampoules as well as for BFS strips.

Our packaging processes also allow our customers to implement the following common options:

  • Filling and packaging pharmaceutical products using BFS technology
  • Using a transport system to feed BFS strips and individual ampoules into the production line of a BFS machine or as bulk goods
  • Automatic detection of a product’s position and location using intelligent camera technology
  • Automatic position correction of BFS products in preparation for the labeling process
  • Printing of BFS product labels with variable customer data
  • Labeling and quality control of BFS products
  • Configuration of the predefined number of folding boxes (optionally available with offset stacking)
  • Instructions for assembly of the folding boxes, provided as a booklet or unfolded
  • Monitoring and documentation of various GMP indicators during the entire packaging process
  • Customized printing of folding boxes with variable data and OCR check


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