Changing machine components must proceed smoothly – quickly and simply. That’s why all of our machines’ format parts are designed to be completely user-friendly and always feature clear labeling and identification to ensure simple management of your formats.

We design your format parts in such a way as to ensure that your production system functions as efficiently, economically and sustainably as possible.

We manufacture our format parts using our own state-of-the-art CNC cutting machines, producing the highest quality as cost effectively as possible. We can also provide you with format components flexibly and promptly, independent of our external suppliers.

  • Custom-fit format parts for our blister machines and cartoning machines
  • Repeated format changes as quickly as possible
  • Standardization of format parts to save costs
  • Comprehensive design and manufacture of format parts under one roof – fast in-house production
  • Plug-and-play functionality thanks to our internal format part testing procedures carried out on our in-house testing machines
  • Format parts for all types of feeding systems

Unsure of how your product should be packaged?

Our trained experts are happy to assist you.